Time Session Speaker
8:00AM–9:00AM Bear Necessities: Badges, Bagels, & Caffeine
9:00AM–9:10AM Welcome to MamaBear
Where the Wild Things Are: The Realities of the Family Tech Market
9:10AM–9:30AM The Magic Kingdom: Disney on What Moms Want & the Future of 'Family Tech'
9:30AM–9:50AM "The Wizard of Oz: The Myth of the Yellow Brick Road & Why ""Family Tech"" is No Place Like Home"
9:50AM–10:10AM The Parent Trap: What Parents SAY They Want vs. What They'll ACTUALLY Pay For
  • Robin Raskin, Founder & President, Living in Digital Times
10:10AM–10:30AM The Labyrinth: Marketing to Moms & Why You're Doing It All Wrong
  • Kat Gordon, Creative Director, Maternal Instinct
10:30AM–10:50AM Break Time
Guess How Much I Love You(r Product)?: Getting ""In"" with the Influential Mom Blogger
10:50AM–11:10AM Beaker's Law of Bloggers: Proven Ways to Reach Mom Bloggers & Get (Free) Coverage
11:10AM–11:40AM The Big Bird of Family Tech: What Startups Need to Know About Working with Mom Bloggers
11:40AM–11:50AM The Incredibles: Startup Demos from the 500 Family
11:50AM–12:00PM Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: Songs from the Oakland Youth Chorus
12:00PM–1:15PM Lunch Boxes & Recess
Track 1: Business Are You My Mother?: Distribution Channels for Finding & Engaging the Elusive Mom
1:15PM–1:20PM Classroom Warm Up
1:20PM–1:40PM Monopoly: Good COPPA, Bad COPPA & How to "Get Out of Jail Free"
  • Shai Samet, Founder & President, kidSAFE Seal Program
1:40PM–2:00PM Risk: Conquering Email Channels & Occupying the SEO Territory
2:00PM–2:20PM Candy Land: App Store Optimization & Finding Your Way Through the "Candy Cane Forest"
2:20PM–2:40PM Connect Four: Tactics for Finding, Engaging, and Retaining Moms via Social Channels
2:40PM–3:00PM Break Time
Track 2: Product The Cat in the Hat: The Magic of Product Development
1:15PM–1:20PM Classroom Warm Up
1:20PM–1:40PM Mrs. Cleaver 2.0: Product Development for Today's Modern-Day Moms
1:40PM–2:00PM Dexter's Laboratory: Research - Why it pays to do your homework before you build
2:00PM–2:20PM The Jetsons: The Outer Space of User Testing (on a Startup Budget) with Kids & Parents
2:20PM–2:40PM Magic School Bus: The Holy Grail - Getting "In" with School Districts without Losing Scalability
2:40PM–3:00PM Break Time
Track 1: Business One Fish, Two Fish: Monetization
3:00PM–3:05PM Classroom Warm Up
3:05PM–3:25PM e-Commerce 101
3:25PM–3:45PM Pac-Man: Demystifying the Maze of Subscription Commerce
3:45PM–4:05PM Mobile monetization: Lessons learned that got us to 30 million users
4:05PM–4:25PM Mortal Kombat: The Reality of Content Models in Today's World
  • Dave Weiss, CTO & SVP Product Management,, BabyCenter
4:25PM–4:45PM Milk & Cookies Break
Track 2: Product Oh, the Places You'll Go!: Design for Kids
3:00PM–3:05PM Classroom Warm Up
3:05PM–3:25PM Rugrats: Designing for Early Child Development
3:25PM–3:45PM Schoolhouse Rock!: The Educational Principles of Effective App Development
3:45PM–4:05PM 3-2-1 Contact: Three Simple Steps for Designing an Educational Game
  • Dylan Arena , Co-founder & Chief Learning Scientist, Kidaptive, Inc.
4:05PM–4:25PM Duck Hunt: Triggers in Design that Lead to Monetization
4:25PM–4:45PM Milk & Cookies Break
4:45PM–5:15PM 500 Dalmatians: Startup Demos from the 500 Family
5:15PM–5:45PM MamaBears & PapaBears: Tech Influencers on How Their Kids are Using Technology
5:45PM–6:30PM Summer Break (Networking & Reception)

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